Agapanthus Blue

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captured for a moment

Agapanthus with border

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Lily of the Nile

Last fall my husband took the pot of Agapanthus off the back deck and put it in the garage.  There it sat all fall and winter, getting plenty of light but otherwise ignored.  This spring it was brought back out, and it is thriving and blooming gorgeously.

And who knew that Agapanthus also is known as Lily of the Nile?

Agapanthus 3

Agapanthus 2

Agapanthus 1

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Yay! Ben is okay!

Grandson Ben is okay!

Believing for Ben

Great news!  The results of MRI and the MRA scans on grandson Ben’s brain were excellent!  There’s no problem with the original fistula repair, and no new fistula has formed. Dr. Berenstein in New York reviewed over 50,000 images and found no problem. Yay!

Thank you, thank you to everyone who has kept Ben and his parents in your thoughts and prayers.

Originally, when Ben was 3 years old, it was a problem with his eye that led his parents to seek out medical care.  Ben was diagnosed with a dural AV fistula (a vascular malformation in the brain) which was causing pressure behind the eye.  His little life was in danger, and he underwent a visit to the children’s hospital in Chattanooga, TN, stays in two children’s hospitals in Atlanta, GA, and three surgeries in New York City by a world-renowned physician before the problem was corrected.  We are…

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Gifts from the Spirit world


I love this Native American saying and think of it every time I find a feather outside.

Eating the flowers

Our neighbor has had the most beautiful nasturtiums blooming in her herb garden.  The children brought over a handful which made a lovely bouquet…

Nasturtium bouquet 2

Nasturtium bouquet


And not only are they lovely to look at, but they also are good to eat.   Several family members were here for a recent meal, and we all enjoyed eating the blooms on a large salad.

If you’ve never eaten nasturtium blooms before, you may be surprised.  They taste much like radishes and make a wonderful addition to a salad. My neighbor and I also ate some straight from her garden. Thank you, Alisa, for the edible flowers!


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Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge: Signs

Seen around North Georgia

Turner’s Corner Cafe in Lumpkin County, GA


Mountain Fresh Creamery in northern Hall County, GA


anna ruby falls at Unicoi state park in white county, ga


Handmade road sign in northern white county, ga


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Better late than never

The Christmas cactus finally decided to bloom, just in time for our daughter’s birthday at the end of June.

Christmas cactus 1

Christmas cactus 2

Christmas cactus 3


“Potius sero quam nunquam.”
(Better late than never.)


V.I.P. treatment at Tyndall Air Base while waiting on test results

We are still waiting on Brave Ben’s est results.

Believing for Ben

There still is no word on results of the MRI and the MRA on Ben’s brain.  Dr. Berenstein’s office in New York received the images, but Dr. B. was out of town this week.  When he returns he must review over 50,000 images, so we do not expect to hear anything now until next week. In the meantime, Ben has been at the beach with extended family and had an exciting tour of Tyndall Air Force Base which is nearby.

Ben with his sweet cousin, P.

Tyndall Air Force Base is the home of the largest F-22 fighter wing in the Air Force.  The fighter wing trains F-22 Raptor pilots and other personnel for worldwide assignments to combat Air Force units.  It also organizes, equips, and trains a Raptor squadron for immediate worldwide rapid deployment.  Ben’s dad arranged for a tour yesterday, and Ben was able to visit the air…

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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Furniture


When I met my husband he owned a plant and gift shop and used this piece of furniture as a display piece in his shop.  Now it sits in our family room and displays family photos, books, and other memorabilia. (That’s one of my husband’s watercolors hanging on the wall. Before he had his stroke, he was a wonderful watercolor artist.  I’m still trying to get him to take up painting again.)


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Waiting on Ben’s Results

We are waiting on the results of grandson Ben’s brain scans.

Believing for Ben

The results of  grandson Ben’s brain scans, which were done here in Georgia on Friday, were “over-nighted” by Federal Express to New York where Dr. Berenstein will view them.   Over 57,000 images were taken during the MRI and the MRA. Now all we can do is wait, but we hope to hear results this week.

Before his brain scans Ben was in good spirits and played video games while waiting at the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta facility…

Over the past 3 years Ben has had a number of brain scans, but this was the first time that he was not sedated. Here’s what his dad said…

Today was the 1st time Ben has ever attempted to have an MRI/MRA w/o anesthesia. The nurses & lab techs allowed me to pick him up & set him in the “tube”. After having multiple shields & guards placed over him, they told…

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