Not in My Front Yard ?

Let’s say you live in a lovely wooded area on a one-lane dirt road that follows an abandoned railway bed (which I do).  And let’s say you truly enjoy the feeling of seclusion and the relative quiet (which I do).

Whistlestop Trail, view #1
Whistlestop Trail


And let’s say you read this headline in the Sunday morning newspaper (which I did).



And the story is accompanied by this photo, which on the front page of the newspaper is slightly larger and shows the road sign made by your husband.

Move afoot to bring 37-mile rail line back to life for bicyclists, walkers
(Photo from The Gainesville Times)


And it’s not even the local newspaper.  It’s the newspaper from a larger town 30 miles away.

We live near the town of Helen, GA.  The newspaper is in Gainesville, where the rilway line ended.
We live near the town of Helen, GA. The newspaper is in Gainesville, where the railway line ended.


How would you feel?



Happy that people will have a safe place to ride their bikes and nice paths on which to walk without taking their lives into their own hands?



Upset that, in following an old railroad bed, the bike trail will be almost in your front yard?


Wondering if the neighbors (there aren’t very many) have heard about this?  Especially wondering about the neighbor who actually lives in the old railroad station and how this will impact her?

The roof of the old railway station (our neighbor' home) can be seen through the trees.
The roof of the old railway station (our neighbor’s home) can be seen through the trees.


Thinking maybe by the time this is constructed you’ll be so old you won’t care anyway?


Or all of the above?

The newspaper article said that local officials have been trying to inform the community of the planned route. Oh really?  Nothing has been in the local newspaper.  My husband called our neighbors today, and not one knew anything about this.

That’s really the rub.  Finding out about what may be a wonderful plan by reading a newspaper published in another town in another county.  And not knowing how we will be impacted.

I’ll keep you posted…


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6 thoughts on “Not in My Front Yard ?

  1. I don’t know if I’d be willing to share that beautiful area where you live! Doesn’t seem right that you and your neighbors have been left in the dark. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for a happy ending to your story!


  2. I know we have discussed the travesty of this earlier in the day, but one comment before I leave…
    Where did you get that great picture of the baby. I can’t quit laughing! Now I will hush and let those of you who need to discuss this like adults continue on…


  3. Deb, I would feel all of the above! I read that story in The Times today. Had no idea it hits so close to your home! Hopefully, your local paper(s) will explore the story and stay on top of it. Sounds like the “vision” is still pretty far off, giving you time to address the possible impact, but who knows. Thank goodness you saw the story in the paper. Keep us posted.


    1. Thanks, Peg. Our local newspaper comes out on Thursday. It will be interesting to see if there’s anything in there about this. We actually own the portion of the road that runs in front of our property, and our next-door neighbors own the portion that was featured in the photo in The Times.


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