Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sign Says

My response to the WordPress  weekly photo challenge:

Bonnie Doon sign

Bonnie Doon’s is an old fashioned 1950s style drive-in with several locations in the South BendMishawaka area in northern Indiana.

From an article in the South Bend Tribune in 2011:

The South Bend and Mishawaka areas have seen many changes through the past 70 years. Businesses settled in, some stayed and some left, and the cities grew to what they are today. But one thing that has lasted and remained the same is Bonnie Doon Ice Cream.

Bonnie Doon opened in 1938 when brothers Herman and Andrew Muldoon set out to make ice cream. It started out as just a factory, but in the mid-1940s the Muldoons opened the  area’s first drive-in restaurant as just another side to the Bonnie Doon family. But in 73 years, current owner Sam Dugan said, not much has changed.

“I feel obligated to keep it close to the original company,” Dugan said. “We still try to do it the same way the original family did and I think customers like that. We make the orders the way people want them, the ice cream is made here fresh and that makes us stand out.”

We recently visited South Bend, my husband’s hometown, and enjoyed choco-mint sodas at the drive-in’s Mishawaka Avenue location.Choco-mint soda

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