One person’s weed…

In a recent blog on the Farmer’s Almanac website, a writer bemoaned the presence of the weed purslane in her vegetable garden.  The University of Illinois Extension Service calls it cursed and an unwelcome guest.  Here in the south, we deliberately purchase purslane in the spring, and it’s sold in all the garden stores.  It is related to the Moss Rose and looks somewhat like a baby jade plant, with beautiful succulent leaves and flowers in many colors.  To top it off, purslane is edible!

Every year my husband and I buy purslane for the flower boxes on our back deck.

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This year we also removed an old elliptical exercise machine from the corner of the deck, installed a small burbling fountain, and added plantings in Mexican clay pots, including a planting of purslane in the center pot.

deck fountain and plantings

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