White daisies



Also known as plaintain lilies, hostas are a favorite of deer.

hosta 2

hosta 1


Pipsissewa grows wild behind our house but we’ve never seen it flower until this year.  According to Mountain Rose Herbs, http://www.mountainroseherbs.com, it is a perennial evergreen that can be used medicinally to treat urinary tract infections and fevers.  It is used as a flavoring in candy and root beer and also can be found in cosmetics.  Who knew?

pipssisewa 2


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6 thoughts on “Now blooming in my corner of North Georgia: Flowers of white

    1. Thank you! Until I retired (semi-retired) a year ago, I never really looked at the flowers. I left home before dawn and arrived back home in the dark for many years. I’m trying to learn now to slow down, but it’s difficult.
      Glad you liked the quote. I try to think of it as often as I can, since I tend to be a worry wort. Cheers, Deb


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