It Wasn’t Supposed To Rain Today or Is It “Monsoon Season” in Georgia?

While other parts of the country are facing unimaginable heat, massive wildfires, or severe storms, we have rain, rain, and more rain.  Many gardens (ours included) have effectively washed away.  Creeks and rivers are up.  It’s hard to plan outdoor activities, as rain could come in unexpectedly like it did today.  We had a 30% chance of rain and actually thought we might beat the odds and have at least one summer day without precipitation. But it not only rained, it was a thunderstorm complete with hail.

rainy day 1

rainy day 2

The road, which is full of potholes and dips, is eroding away and and ran with mud.

rainy day 3

But things which cannot be seen when the sun shines can be seen when it rains.

rainy day webs

At least we have no actual flooding here, no real property damage and no injuries.   And as I sit here, the sun is shining again.


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6 thoughts on “It Wasn’t Supposed To Rain Today or Is It “Monsoon Season” in Georgia?

  1. It has been a strange summer thus far weather wise! Seems we’ve been living in a rainforest here …very hot and muggy too. Next week we are supposed to be in the high 90’s. UGH!
    I LOVE those spider webs! Wonderful images!


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