FFF Challenge: Fiery Fungi

“F” is the letter this week in Frizztext’s A-Z alphabet challenge.  My submission is a photo taken a few days ago when, walking down the drive to pick up the mail, I spotted these red mushrooms under the holly bush.

Fiery fungi


For more on this week’s challenge, see http://flickrcomments.wordpress.com/2013/08/06/fff-challenge/

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13 thoughts on “FFF Challenge: Fiery Fungi

  1. Good lunch,
    I have subscribed you with me.
    You deserve the many likes because your pictures are very beautiful.
    If you also subscribe to me you can better see better my articles that I have posted and then we know is Yes the eye with even liken.lass you be inspired by my pictures, even if vielses in German steht…machesmal is in English.How is your dear name?I’m Andrea and come from oberhausen which is located in the Ruhr area in Nrw.Komme like.
    Wish you a beautiful Saturday and Andrea sends vele hugs from me to you


      1. Good morning love deb,
        I appreciate your response.
        If you have subscribed to me and follow me can they see a better my older articles in the reader and like if like.They have a beautiful Sonntag.Herzlichst Andrea


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