Travel Theme: Multicoloured

Just north of the visitor’s center on the campus of the University of Notre Dame is a small tree almost completely covered in multicoloured ribbons.  We came upon it quite suddenly during our recent visit; we had not seen it the last time we were on the campus.  A cancer awareness tree, it was dedicated in 2000 by the Black Alumni of Notre Dame. The tree stands as a symbol of life and hope, and visitors are invited to tie their own coloured ribbons on its branches to honor loved ones who have been affected by cancer.  Hubby and I both are cancer survivors, as are both of my parents who are in their eighties.  Although we had no ribbons to tie on the tree, we were moved by its very presence and felt a sense of grace as we thought of all the individuals and their families and friends represented by the many colors on the little tree.

Cancer awareness tree

The travel theme is hosted by Ailsa at  For more on this multicoloured theme, see:

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4 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Multicoloured

    1. Thank you for your comment. My daughter took out cancer insurance for herself in light of all of us who have had cancer. It’s sad that even as medical treatment for cancer improves, the incidences of cancer seem to increase. It’s great that our husband is a survivor, too.


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