SSS Challenge: Sunshine Through the Sourwoods

Although sourwood trees typically turn red in the autumn, several on our property have been a brilliant copper color, possibly from the large amount of rain we had earlier.  Two days ago, the sun shining through the leaves cast a beautiful glow that lit up the entire back of the house.  The sun through the trees was perfect for Frizztext’s  A-Z Challenge which features the letter “S” this week.

To participate in the challenge or to see other posts featuring the letter “S,” go to


14 thoughts on “SSS Challenge: Sunshine Through the Sourwoods

  1. thank you for your sourwood gallery!
    as for your R-contribution, ROPES:
    no, do not remove, there are ropes,
    and if someone takes a rope for suicide,
    it was his decision.
    Not guilty: ropes – or your photo.
    I only dared to tell you my association –
    and thank you for reading it.
    As Naomi Baltuk wrote for my S-challenge:
    “…so long as there is
    someone left to tell it
    and someone willing to listen,
    the story will survive…”


    1. Thank you for your comments, Frizztext. I already removed the R photo. I had some hesitation about using that photo in the first place because a rope can mean so many things to different people. Then, when you shared your story I knew I had to remove it.


      1. my mother Edith, living in the near of Prora, in Bergen on the island Rugen, made suicide with a rope – why not to focus on that: she gave me into an orphanage immediately after birth (als “unwertes Leben”) – I found her after 40 years of searching and made a confrontation, asking: WHY? She was a person indoctrinated by ideologies. She made suicide after the “Iron Curtain”, the Berlin Wall fell down: she was sure, that communism was a good ideology – and now it seemed, she made some wrong decisions in her life…


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