A Beautiful Giveaway: AjjA Wood !

I am the winner in a wonderful giveaway hosted by GrowingWildFarm, and I have been remiss in thanking GrowingWildFarm for the absolutely beautiful cutting board that I won. This photo definitely does not do it justice.

cutting board

First of all, I want to say what a beautiful blog GrowingWildFarm is and what a blessing it has been to me. I was introduced to the blog, which is hosted by WordPress, when a friend of mine shared one of the blog’s posts on Facebook. I was immediately struck by the poetic quality of and the gorgeous imagery in the writing and became an immediate follower.  Please, please check out this wonderful blog.

GrowingWildFarm’s husband Andre Jaillet,  and his business partner Josh Aguiar, craft cutting boards, kitchen utensils, custom frames, and furniture, “Works of art to feed your body and soul.”  I am honored to win their giveaway which is a hand-crafted cutting board made of locally salvaged Oregon hardwoods.  According to the information they sent with the cutting board, it is made of white and red oak, black and English walnut, big leaf maple, chestnut, myrtle, madrone, holly and cherry.  Thank you AjjA Wood and GrowingWildFarm!

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5 thoughts on “A Beautiful Giveaway: AjjA Wood !

  1. Gosh! It has taken me ages to get back to this and tell you thank you, but thank you for sharing the love here! I am so glad you like the board, and honored that you like the blog! Cheer! Sheila


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