A Successful First Surgery

Believing for Ben

Grandson Ben’s surgery yesterday was a success !  While family members and friends all over the country were pacing the floor, worrying and praying, the surgeon was confidently and carefully doing what he does best, repairing the fistula in a young child’s brain.  

After surgery After surgery

Doctors in Atlanta had indicated there was a 50% chance of Ben’s suffering a small stroke during the procedure, but Dr. Berenstein said the chance of a stroke was less than 5%.  Atlanta doctors also had told the family that one blood vessel in the brain might have to be “sacrificed,” but Dr. Berenstein found that not to be necessary.

Working with 10 or more people on his medical team. Dr. Berenstein placed 18 coils (made of platinum and each about the width of a human hair, I read online) in the fistula in Ben’s brain to slow the abnormal blood flow. Already, one day later, the swelling behind…

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