Finally, Home Again! Welcome Home, Ben!

Believing for Ben

Ben is finally home and doing well. He enjoyed the plane ride from New York back to Atlanta, and on his first full day home he actually went swimming!  In general, though, he will be taking things easy for a couple of weeks.  He continues to suffer from headaches as a result of the fact that the abnormal pressure in his brain, which had been present from birth, is now returning to a normal level.  Some of the headaches are mild, but some are quite excruciating for him.   Please continue to keep him in your thoughts and prayers, as his recovery is ongoing.

Welcome home, Ben!

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3 thoughts on “Finally, Home Again! Welcome Home, Ben!

      1. I hope he finds his equilibrium soon, and the family’s life settles into a routine which brings them comfort. Important to clear up that infection and let the healing take hold. best wishes to all- WG


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