In recent years the woods behind our home has encroached ever closer to the house.  The grassy lawn is gone, and in its place we have created a woodland garden.  Last week we made some colorful additions to our plantings.




Moss Roses

Pink moss rose

Yellow moss rose


Blue hydrangea #1

Blue hydrangea #3



Caladium bloom


Foxglove #1

Foxglove #2

And don’t laugh.  I know this is considered a weed in many areas, but here in the South where it is not a perennial, we purchase it purposely for its lovely colored blooms…


Yellow purslane

Pink purslane

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10 thoughts on “Expanding Our Woodland Garden

  1. I am struggling with my green thumb (I actually don’t have one!) I love foxglove. They are so delicately constructed. Mine will bloom soon . Our temperature is finally rising here in southern Ontario, Canada…80’s right now. I recognize the astilbe, but so far mine is just a tiny little green being, so I’m unsure if it will come back up this year.
    Great pics! Thanks for sharing…it gives me hope. 🙂


    1. Thank you. We had a very rough winter and lost a number of plants which is why we are replacing some and adding others. I don’t have much of a green thumb either. My husband is the gardener, but his health is bad so I’ve been trying to pick up the slack. I hope our new plantings thrive, but who knows?


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