Expanding Our Woodland Garden

In recent years the woods behind our home has encroached ever closer to the house.  The grassy lawn is gone, and in its place we have created a woodland garden.  Last week we made some colorful additions to our plantings.




Moss Roses

Pink moss rose

Yellow moss rose


Blue hydrangea #1

Blue hydrangea #3



Caladium bloom


Foxglove #1

Foxglove #2

And don’t laugh.  I know this is considered a weed in many areas, but here in the South where it is not a perennial, we purchase it purposely for its lovely colored blooms…


Yellow purslane

Pink purslane

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10 thoughts on “Expanding Our Woodland Garden

  1. I am struggling with my green thumb (I actually don’t have one!) I love foxglove. They are so delicately constructed. Mine will bloom soon . Our temperature is finally rising here in southern Ontario, Canada…80’s right now. I recognize the astilbe, but so far mine is just a tiny little green being, so I’m unsure if it will come back up this year.
    Great pics! Thanks for sharing…it gives me hope. 🙂


    1. Thank you. We had a very rough winter and lost a number of plants which is why we are replacing some and adding others. I don’t have much of a green thumb either. My husband is the gardener, but his health is bad so I’ve been trying to pick up the slack. I hope our new plantings thrive, but who knows?


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