Turn Your Face to the Sun

Be like the flower…turn your face to the sun.”   (Kalil Gibran)

Yellow like the sun


7 thoughts on “Turn Your Face to the Sun

    1. Thank you! It speaks to me, too, on many levels. My fibromyalgia is hitting me hard lately, harder than ever before in my life, and I find that just a few minutes sitting in the sun each day actually helps me feel better. I hope you are feeling better; I know you weren’t feeling so well recently!


      1. Hey hunny, I’m so sorry you’ve been suffering this badly. Are you on meds that are helping you?
        I have been too, in so much pain in the hands and feet, Im worried I may need a walking stick 😦 Still struggling with depression alot but fighting on.
        Going out a bit does help, especially to lift my mood.
        Feel better soon my lovely, hugs xxxx


      2. No meds except ibuprofen sometimes. I don’t like the side effects that come along with the meds. I keep a walking stick in my car in case I need it when I’m out. If I’m out walking, I just take te walking stick with me. I’m glad to hear you are fighting on. That’s what we must do, one day at a time. Feel better!!


      3. Thanks my dear:) it must be tough just on Ibuprofen. I would if I could as well. Ive been gaining so much weight and the meds aren’t helping. You feel better as well hun xxx


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