Home From The Hospital, But What A Fiasco!

Believing for Ben

Ben is back home from his most recent stay at Egleston Children’s Hospital, and what a splash he and his dad made as the little family headed home!  Dressed as superheroes, they wowed everyone who saw them!  They even remained dressed this way while stopping at a FedEx office to send Ben’s MRI results to New York.  But the hospital experience was not fun and games for Ben’s parents.


Disagreement between doctors as to the proper course of treatment for the blood clots in Ben’s brain led to a very unfortunate incident that left Ben’s mom (my daughter) in tears and the entire extended family upset.  The surgeon in New York (the world-renowned expert in dealing with Dural AV Fistulas in children) who operated on Ben in May said that the clotting was normal, and the clots will dissolve.  Treating the clots, he said, could cause dangerous bleeding in the brain…

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