Night Sounds From North Georgia: Tree Frogs in July

There are two types of tree frogs in my corner of North Georgia: the American gray tree frog and Cope’s gray tree frog.  The only way to tell them apart is by the sound of their voices.  Apparently, they are identical in appearance although I’ve never seen either one.  But in the summertime, we can certainly hear them even if all the doors and windows are closed tight.  When we moved to Georgia some years ago my daughter, who was born in a Midwestern city and had never heard tree frogs before, could not sleep because of all the noise. To me, the “noise” is like a lullaby from my childhood.

When I stepped out on my front porch a few minutes ago, this is what I heard:

(Note: When this finishes playing, apparently Soundcloud lets you listen to some additional music that I and others uploaded.  I don’t know how to embed Soundcloud without it doing this.)

Photo credit: Wikipedia

14 thoughts on “Night Sounds From North Georgia: Tree Frogs in July

    1. We seem always to have tree frogs, even in a drought (although we’re not in a drought this year). Now, we no longer hear the bullfrogs, and that worries me. I wonder what happened to them. I recorded the sound with my cell phone. It was the first time I’ve ever recorded anything with my phone, and I’m glad I figured out how to do it!


      1. We hear one bull frog this summer, but some summers we don’t hear any. I’ve only seen one leopard frog in the five years we’ve been here, and I know they used to be more numerous too. It is worrisome!


  1. One of the great sounds of nature. I like to listen to nature in the evenings – the bullfrog in the neighbors pond, the birds, and the crickets just to name a few.


    1. Yes, those all are wonderful sounds! We’re getting the sound of katydids now in the daytime. We used to hear bullfrogs at night, too, but in the past few years we don’t hear them anymore. It makes me wonder what has happened to them.


  2. I recognize that sound! At work in Midtown now, but this brings me right back to last night on the deck. Thank you!


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