A couple of days ago, I saw a new insect at our butterfly bush.  It flew like a hummingbird, hovered like a hummingbird, and even “hummed” like a hummingbird, but it wasn’t a hummingbird.

It turned out to be a hummingbird moth, more specifically a Snowberry Clearwing (Hemaris diffinis).

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Apparently they are widespread throughout North America but not so much in the area of Northeast Georgia where I live. I saw only one, and I haven’t seen it again in the past two days.

While researching the Snowberry Clearwing I discovered that today (July 27) is the last day of National Moth Week here in the U.S.  So, happy Moth Week everyone!


9 thoughts on “This One’s New To Me: A Hummingbird Moth !

  1. I spotted my first one last summer and I thought I was seeing things! I had never heard of this little creature! So interesting. You got some great captures!


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