Another MRI And A Positive Report

An update on grandson Ben’s condition…

Believing for Ben

A little over two weeks ago, grandson Ben had an MRI at Egleston Children’s Hospital in Atlanta that revealed that blood clots had developed in his brain. Upon the advice of his surgeon in New York, the clots were not treated at that time.  Dr. Berenstein said that the clots were a normal occurrence after this type of surgery to repair a Dural AV fistula and that they would dissipate on their own.

A second MRI was scheduled for last Friday at Scottish Rite Hospital which also is part of Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. Ben must be sedated each time he goes in for testing, and his mom said the sedation team on Friday was the best so far. Because they used a stronger MRI machine this time, the medical personnel actually had to find out the manufacturer of the platinum coils in Ben’s brain before they could do the test.

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