We used to see butterflies in abundance during the summer.  This year, they only recently have appeared, and with the weather being as cool as it is, they probably won’t be around for long.  For most of my life, August has been the hottest month of the year, the “dog days of summer”.  This year, we are experiencing autumn-like weather.  It’s too cool to be outside today without wearing a long-sleeved shirt. But I digress… Here are the butterflies I saw on Friday:

Butterfly on bush

Butterfly 3

Butterfly 2Butterfly



12 thoughts on “Now Appearing (for a minute) In My Corner of North Georgia: Butterflies

  1. WE usually get Gulf fritillaries in abundance, starting in early June, who decimate our passion vines. The vines have grown unmolested until three days ago, this year. I saw one monarch headed north a few weeks ago, but our butterfly weed and other monarch-specific flowers have had no visitors.

    It was a tough winter all over, I hear, but I also fear catastrophe.


  2. Those are certainly happy butterflies! Beautiful angles to really show them off, too. Wonder what is going on with the butterflies? Interesting that it is so cool in GA, too. But we are certainly enjoying the cool, the open windows at night, the sound of frogs, and the cool mornings. And a few butterflies have finally shown up in the garden. A great post!


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