This Week In Our Small-Town Police Blotter: Some Friendly Advice From A Cop

I’m happy to say that the police in my neck of the woods are armed with good advice: Don’t engage in conversation with people who make you angry.

Here are two accounts exactly as they appeared in our local weekly newspaper:

“Police were called to a South Main Street business because of what appeared to be a dispute in the parking lot.  The man who had caused the disturbance said he had been on the phone with his father and asked him why he didn’t come to the hospital when his granddaughter was born.  The new grandfather said he had been playing bingo.  The son got angry and began to yell and cuss.  He apologized for the disturbance and asked the policeman how a man could fail to come to the hospital to see his first and only granddaughter.  The officer said he didn’t have an answer for that but that the man should avoid speaking with his father if it made him that angry.”


“A woman reported to police that her boyfriend’s wife had been texting her and harassing her.  She said the wife had called where she worked and accused her of causing him to drink and get in trouble.  She said the wife had even had his truck towed away from her apartment after he had gotten arrested for probation violation.  The officer told her not to respond to the wife’s texts and that she should not communicate with her.”

You gotta love living in a small town !


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