Undoing Some Dental Work For Ben’s Upcoming MRI

The most recent update on grandson Ben…

Believing for Ben

Two days from now grandson Ben will have the third MRI since his two brain surgeries last May.  In July he had two MRIs, both of which showed that blood clots had developed in his brain.  His doctor in New York was confident that the clots will dissolve on their own, and this upcoming MRI will reveal whether they have in fact begun to dissolve or whether treatment may be necessary.

In August Ben had dental surgery in which his baby teeth were capped. The dentist also put in a spacer.  Unfortunately, the MRI cannot be done with that much metal in Ben’s mouth, so another trip to the dental surgeon was in order.  The spacer was removed yesterday.

In the meantime, Ben continues to love pre-K and enjoys his trips to the library, his music class, and playing in the school gymnasium and on the playground.  He also loves the…

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