Grandson Ben’s latest MRI results…

Believing for Ben

Ben’s MRI was two days ago.  This was the third follow-up MRI since his two brain surgeries last May and was the 10th time our little man has been under anesthesia.  His mom said he did great even with the IV, which is his least favorite part of the ordeal, and the doctor said Ben was his best patient all day.

The good news: Ben’s headaches are almost nonexistent now, and the blood clots in his brain are getting smaller just like Dr. Berenstein said they would.

The not-so-good news: there is a “low flow” of blood through the repaired AV fistula in the brain, and there should not be any blood flow there. To make matters worse, the doctors in Atlanta knew of the low flow last July (LAST JULY !!) when Ben had the first two MRIs, but they said nothing to my daughter or her husband about it.

Over 2,200…

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