Ben Is A-Ok Until May !

My latest update on my grandson. Everything is looking good!

Believing for Ben

Four-year-old Ben recently had the third follow-up MRI since his two brain surgeries last May.  The MRI was at Egleston Children’s Hospital in Atlanta, and  the resulting CD of over 2,200 images was sent to Dr. Berenstein, Ben’s doctor in New York, for review.

The verdict: Everything is as it should be!  Dr. Berenstein sees no reason for Ben to have any additional MRIs until next May, 2015!  At that time, Ben and his parents will make another trip to New York City  for his first annual follow-up visit, when he will undergo an angiogram and possibly other tests.  No worries about the low blood flow through the repaired fistula in Ben’s brain.  No more headaches now, both literally and figuratively, as the headaches which caused Ben excruciating pain have now totally disappeared.

Our little man and his parents came to visit a week ago.  No one would ever know that anything ever…

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