It’s unbelievable what law enforcement officials have to deal with around here. This, folks, is from the most recent edition of our weekly newspaper:

“Police were advised of a truck driving at a high speed on Boulevard Street.  When they located it, it was stopped in the roadway with the driver’s side door open.  A woman was walking away from it.  She told police that she had come to pick up her fiance from another woman’s house because the woman wouldn’t let him leave.  They did leave, but then the woman followed them.  She stopped the truck so she could ask the woman to stop following them, but the fiance walked off with that woman.  She had been trying to get a better signal on her phone so she could call him when police found her.  They spoke with the man and the other woman and told the man he needed to choose and go, so he chose the woman with the truck and they left.   She was warned to slow down and drive carefully.”

You gotta love living in a small town!


4 thoughts on “This Week In Our Small-Town Police Blotter: Choose A Woman and Go!

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