Whenever we go to the pumpkin farm, grandson Ben has to dance in and out of the pumpkins.

Here he is at age two:

Dancing, age 2And just a few weeks ago, at age four:

Dancing, age 4Check out Destino’s challenge here.

Destino said her plans to get out into the dance world have been delayed.  So have mine.  I decided to get back into buckdancing after a hiatus of oh, about 50 years, and I ordered a new pair of tap shoes that arrived Monday.  While at work Monday night, I fell and really injured my foot.  I’ve been walking on it for five days now, but it may be broken.  I may need to go to a doctor.

16 thoughts on “Destino’s Black and White Photo Challenge: Let’s Dance

      1. Thank you for thinking of me! Yes, I am much better. Home remedies helped the respiratory infection, and I am almost well. My foot is still badly bruised, but I haven’t been to a doctor about it because I can walk totally without pain. So far, so good! Thank you!


      1. Oh dear, I know how that feels I broke my foot just before my gold ballroom exam and never got to do it because I was in University at the next ballroom test. I did some Physio exercises with an elastic gadget you might want to try in a couple of months time to get the muscles built back up 😊.

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