Of Birthdays and Death

As 2014 winds down, I think of those dear to me who have not lived to see the end of this year.  I have lost my mother, a cousin, an aunt, and several friends.

Today was my birthday, a day spent this Sunday morning at church and then again at church this afternoon at the funeral of a dear lady I have known for twenty years. We celebrate a birthday, and we attend a funeral, all in the same day.

But isn’t the funeral a celebration, too?  A celebration of a life well-lived, a life full of compassion and love for others, a life over too soon for those left behind, but a life that is just beginning in a new dimension that we call heaven.

Life is eternal

Give rest, O Christ, to your servant with your saints,
where sorrow and pain are no more,
neither sighing, but life everlasting.


14 thoughts on “Of Birthdays and Death

  1. Happy Birthday 🙂 A beautiful post.
    I think we really should celebrate the life of those we lose on this earth. I am so sorry for the losses you have suffered over this year. I hope that you find peace and healing in the memories you made with each of them.


  2. Happy Belated Birthday!

    I think funeral is a celebration, opportunity say goodbye to the mortal body, it wouldn’t mean the end to thinking about a loved one passing but means a group of people who cared are together under one roof to reflect for a minute or two about the same person.


  3. This was a lovely post; I’m sorry you have lost so many people who were dear to you this year. Going to a funeral on your birthday would make you even more reflective than usual, I expect.

    Happy belated birthday! (Mine is the day before yours, in that anti-climactic post-Christmas time; I spent it packing and traveling to see family — not the best birthday but not the worst, either.)


  4. Thank you for this piece. I wrote a blog about this last month as I lost two aunts and an uncle in the span of a month. I could totally relate to every word. Will share the link to that article. Please read it if you have a moment. Thank you also for all the likes.


    • I’m sorry for your recent losses. I’ve come to the conclusion that as I get older, I need to accept the fact that I will lose more and more people who are dear to me. We recently experienced the unexpected deaths of two friends who died much too young plus two more friends who had been ill. I look forward to reading your article. Thank you for the link. I love your blog. You are a wonderful writer, and I enjoy your posts very much!

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      • I am sorry too. It is a helpless feeling, when you have to accept the sudden loss of people who have been an integral part of your life. But then, that’s life, and we have to move on.

        Thank you for the feedback about my blog and my writing. It means a lot to me and I truly appreciate it. There are a few blogs that I keep going back to and yours is one of them. The feeling is mutual.

        Cheers and have a great day!

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