I am so proud of Eryn Eddy Erickson and her company. She is a super young woman! Eryn is a former Brenau Academy student of mine.

The Daily South

Eryn Eddy

A conversation with Atlanta-based social entrepreneur Eryn Eddy Erickson is like a shot of espresso. Upbeat and open, she leaves you with a warmth and an energy that makes you want to get out and do something. Her clothing company, So Worth Loving, is a lot like that, too. The brand centers around a mission statement rather than a fashion one, printing t-shirts, hoodies and hats with messages that promote the simple idea that everyone, regardless of circumstances, is worthy of love. We talked to Eryn about building a small business (at just 28!), working within the Atlanta creative community and what’s next for the So Worth Loving family.

shirtOn how So Worth Loving got started:
So Worth Loving started in the midst of me working a full-time job. I was a musician by night and by weekend–I licensed my music to television shows and videographers and things of that nature. I had a…

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