When Will the Power Go Out?

Our first winter storm of the season is underway, and there’s no snow.  It’s sleeting, and ice is collecting on everything.

Ice on magnolia leaves

Ice on solar light

Sleet is beginning to cover the ground and the roadways.

Sleet in front garden

Here in the Deep South we don’t handle this well. Major highways may be scraped or salted, or gravel or dirt may be put on the road, or maybe not. Other roads will be iced over. Schools were closed today and will be closed tomorrow, and other community activities are cancelled.

I’m sitting here wondering how long it will be before the satellite dish is covered with ice and we have no television.  And I’m wondering how long before the ice causes downed power lines, and the electricity goes out. Because we live in a rural area, we get our water from a well, and if there is no electric power, we have no water.

We do have two wood burning stoves, plenty of food and drink, a supply of candles and oil lamps, and a large bathtub full of water that can be used for flushing the toilet if we find ourselves without water.  When I was young, this would have been a great adventure.  Maybe it can be again.

wood stove


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