Mountain Laurel, the “Bonnie Flower”

From a distance, the mountain laurel doesn’t look like much this year.  But up close, the blooms and star-like buds are exquisite.

Mountain laurel 2

Mountain laurel 3


Mountain laurel 3


Nineteenth century author Louisa May Alcott, in her poem Mountain–Laurel, called the blossoms her “bonnie flower.”


A poem by Louisa May Alcott

My bonnie flower, with truest joy
Thy welcome face I see,
The world grows brighter to my eyes,
And summer comes with thee.
My solitude now finds a friend,
And after each hard day,
I in my mountain garden walk,
To rest, or sing, or pray.

All down the rocky slope is spread
Thy veil of rosy snow,
And in the valley by the brook,
Thy deeper blossoms grow.
The barren wilderness grows fair,
Such beauty dost thou give;
And human eyes and Nature’s heart
Rejoice that thou dost live.

Each year I wait thy coming, dear,
Each year I love thee more,
For life grows hard, and much I need
Thy honey for my store.
So, like a hungry bee, I sip
Sweet lessons from thy cup,
And sitting at a flower’s feet,
My soul learns to look up.

No laurels shall I ever win,
No splendid blossoms bear,
But gratefully receive and use
God’s blessed sun and air;
And, blooming where my lot is cast,
Grow happy and content,
Making some barren spot more fair,
For a humble life well spent.



12 thoughts on “Mountain Laurel, the “Bonnie Flower”

  1. Such a beautiful poem from one of my absolute favorite authors!! Thanks for sharing, as I don’t believe I had ever read this piece of poetry before. Plus… your photos are beautiful!


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