Back In New York: At the Ronald McDonald House

Grandson Ben is back in New York for medical tests…

Believing for Ben

Yesterday, Ben and his parents traveled back to New York City for his upcoming one-year followup medical tests. Ben will see Dr. B (world-renowned pediatric neurosurgeon Dr. Alejandro Berenstein) on Wednesday and will undergo tests on Thursday.  If necessary, additional neurosurgery will be done.

Last year’s airplane flights caused Ben to have headaches, due to pressure changes as the planes ascended and descended.  That was not a problem yesterday. Yeah!

And Ben was able to ride in style from LaGuardia Airport to the Ronald McDonald House in Manhattan where they will be staying again this year.

Riding in style

Ronald McDonald Houses provide low-cost accommodations, emotional and ministry support, and other services for families of chronically ill children who are undergoing medical treatment.  Ben loved his stay there last year and especially liked the playroom, which he already has visited this trip.

Ronald McDonald House

In the playroom

When they first arrived at the Ronald McDonald House yesterday, Ben…

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