I Would Love to Remove My Head

Photo credit: migraine.com
Photo credit: migraine.com

This is how I have felt all week, plagued by severe headaches that began last Sunday and have continued off and on through today (Thursday), foiling my plans for photography walks.  I blame the oppressive heat and humidity and the sudden changes in barometric pressure as storms roll in and then move on out.  Nonetheless, I managed to go to work and do a few things around the house.

And determined to take a few photos, I stepped out on the front porch and then the back deck and captured what I could from those locations. (Click on images to view in a larger format.)


6 thoughts on “I Would Love to Remove My Head

  1. So you see, if you just step out your door, you create and capture beauty. It is all amazing isn’t it, for those who can see.
    I know you will feel better. You have more of God to photograph, and I am not even religous, in a formal way.

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    1. So true. I live in a beautiful place and am surrounded everyday by beauty, no matter the weather or the season. You are, too. I love your photos of The Holler. Thank you for your well-wishes. Already I am feeling better. No headache at all today. A “cold front” has moved in (although it’s still 88 degrees) with lower humidity. I appreciate your comments!


    1. Thank you so much! And thanks for the follow! So glad you are home; you have been in my thoughts for all these many months. I’m so sorry about everything you have gone through, and I wish you courage and hope as you move on into the future.


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