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I created my blog site three years ago, and my first post was a written account, illustrated with photos, of why I live in the woods.  As time passed, the blog began more and more to feature photography with short written explanations.  I blog because I love to, and I never thought I would have any blog followers outside of a small circle of friends and family members.

During the past three years, I have been visited by readers from who-knows-how-many different countries.  With the change in the WordPress Stats page, I can no longer tell. (Or maybe I just haven’t yet figured out how to access this information.)  My top post seems to remain (again, the Stats page doesn’t show this anymore), for reasons I cannot fathom, Now Blooming in My Corner of North Georgia: Mimosa and Magnolia.

In April 2014,  I added another blog, Believing for Ben, chronicling my little grandson’s journey through pediatric neurosurgery.  Ben was only three years old at the time and now is five and getting ready to begin kindergarten. Believing for Ben posts also have appeared on this blog, and members of my blogging community continue to hold Ben and our family in their thoughts and prayers.

I am so grateful to everyone who has read my posts and/or followed my blog. Some of you have been with me since I began this journey.  Even though we may never have met, you comment on my posts and continually send me words of encouragement.  Blogging has been a much more rewarding experience than I imagined it could be!  Happy anniversary to me!!

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