Days of Autumn Rain

We are waterlogged but not flooded, and for that we are grateful.  Our prayers are with all those, especially in South Carolina, who are affected by the terrible flooding.

Here in Northeast Georgia there were days of constant rain, some flash flooding, a small mudslide that closed a highway, and then high winds that toppled even large trees and knocked out power.  We lost one tall tree that, thankfully, fell away from the house and into the woods.  And we lost electric power but only for about 12 hours.

Will the heavy rains affect the leaves that are just beginning to take on their autumn hues?  We will have to wait and see.

I have noticed that there are more orange tones this year among the red and golden colors.  Never before this year have I seen this hint of orange in the leaves outside my kitchen window….

A hint of orange

My sorrow, when she’s here with me,

Thinks these dark days of autumn rain

Are beautiful as days can be…

(Robert Frost)


7 thoughts on “Days of Autumn Rain

    1. Thank you! My 87-year-old father was in his cabin which is located on a creek that rises quickly when it rains hard. We couldn’t get him to leave, and I worried all night one night. But thankfully the creek didn’t overflow its banks. My dad thinks he’s still about 50 years old!!! 🙂

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