Sea Oats

Sea Oats

Sea oats (uniola paniculata) is a tall, subtropical grass found on beach fronts and barrier islands along the southeastern coast of the U.S., eastern Mexico, and some Caribbean islands. Tolerant to heat, salinity, and drought, sea oats are important in sand stabilization projects and help protect sand dunes from tropical storm damage.  In the states of Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina, anyone caught picking or disturbing sea oats must pay a fine.

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11 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Plants

    1. Thank you so much! I will check it out!
      I haven’t been well. Had a blood clot in my leg and was put on Xarelto, a blood thinner. Two months after stopping the medication, I had internal bleeding and was taken by ambulance to the hospital emergency room. Spent 5 days in hospital with a large tear in my stomach. (American hospitals never keep anyone over 4 days unless it’s really serious.) I lost a lot of blood, had 2 endoscopies, and had to have a blood transfusion. The doctor put 2 staples in my stomach. I’ve been home 6 weeks but may now have anothe blood clot in my leg. I see the vascular specialst tomorrow. If I have to go on a blood thinner again, it will not be Xarelto!

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      1. OMG! Debs!!! I’m so so sorry to hear this! this sounds like a total nightmare and I can only imagine how awful you must feel! plus this thing with American healthcare and being sent home because it’s not ‘really serious’?!! I’ll never get it. It sounds pretty serious to me! When you’re much better perhaps look at your legal options re the medication? Aww..wish I could do something more, but I will pray for speedy recovery. Big hugs and love my friend xxx


      2. Thank you for your prayers. There are literally thousands of lawsuits against the company that makes this med, and I’m looking into that. I have thousands of dollars in medical bills because health insurance here doesn’t cover everything, and we have huge deductibles that we must pay before insurance kicks in.

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      3. I was worried about the financial costs to you too when I read your message Debs. I will support you in any way that I can, even if you just need my help to do some research or compile data, whatever you need. This is wrong and it has to stop and you should be compensated for all you’ve suffered xxx

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      4. I am feeling great! But I had an ultrasound scan of my leg two days ago, and I have another blood clot. It can’t be treated because I can no longer take any blood thinners. I must wear compression socks, walk a lot, and stay hydrated. The doctor said the clot should dissolve on its own over time.

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      5. I’m glad to hear you’re feeling great Debs. Sorry about the new clot. You just keep going, one step at a time doing all the things you need to. God is great, all will be well. Thinking of you x

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      6. I’m glad Debs! Not to worry about me! I’ve been alot better besides the odd back/neck pain, & struggling a little with low mood etc but I’m still thankful. Your own positivity encourages me! x

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