What I Found On My Walk Down the Road: Chickens in the Woods

Someone who lives near us has free-range chickens.  I’ve often seen them in front of a neighbor’s house, although I’m certain they don’t belong to that particular neighbor.  They also gather frequently under a tree in a nearby field.

Today, while walking down our road to get the daily newspaper I heard quite a commotion in the woods, and there were the chickens.  I had only my phone with me but was able to get a few shots…






11 thoughts on “What I Found On My Walk Down the Road: Chickens in the Woods

  1. I know a couple people who have “free range” chickens, but they are still fenced in a area. …a big natural area, but fenced in nonetheless. I’m surprised the chickens don’t just wander off and get lost. But I guess they’re smarter than I thought!

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      1. Oh, haha! Actually since posting my comment, I noticed one particular rooster at a small farm I pass daily on the way to college, is always just walking around outside the fenced in area. Lots of times, it’s even across the street in a neighboring corn field! Although, it is a rooster, so maybe it doesn’t want to wander too far from the hens. 🙂

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