Seriously!  Two days in a row now I have received email messages from WordPress that my blog statistics are spiking.  I discovered that Spin Magazine, an online music magazine, had linked to one of my blog posts. Wondering what in the world they found of interest in my blog, I was led to an article about country singer Loretta Lynn smoking weed for the first time at the age of 84.



The article (which can be read in full here) includes this quote:


The “I like to have died” is in red because in the article it is the link to one of my blog posts titled Appalachian Sayings: I “like to have died!”  Thanks, Spin Magazine, for sending so many readers my way!

Honestly, things like this never cease to amaze me.

14 thoughts on “Country singer Loretta Lynn smokes weed, causing my blog stats to spike!

  1. So I saw the title of this post in my inbox, and I was thinking it was going to be an article on Atlas Obscura or Hyperallergic, two blogs (or media services?) I follow that give me niche news, not your average stuff. But no! I see it is from sweet little ol’ Unexpected in Common Hours!
    I guess you are living up to the Unexpected part! Enjoy those booming stats!

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