Change: Asking for prayers

Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.  (John Kennedy)


Sometime in the night last night my husband of almost 40 years had a stroke.  I am with him now in the hospital.  I ask my dear readers and blog followers to keep us in your thoughts and prayers.  Many thanks.


25 thoughts on “Change: Asking for prayers

      1. He is improving. Walking with a walker, and he just began physical therapy. He still faces procedures and surgery on his esophagus and his heart. Please keep us in your prayers! Thank you for remembering him.


      2. I will keep him and you in my prayers. It is such a long recovery process. May God touch him with powerful healing and as you both go through I pray you feel God’s presence in every moment. (HUGS)


      3. I appreciate that! Thank you. Last year when I was very ill and in the hospital, I prayed to feel God’s presence but never really did, although I knew He was with me. Throughout this with my husband I have almost continually felt God’s presence, although my husband himself hasn’t. Interesting.


      4. I think sometimes when we are going through the struggle we feel separated from God although we truly aren’t. When Tom passed away those first few months I could not feel His presence nor pray. I was numb. Then I heard a still voice telling me not to pray…His people are praying for me. Then I felt his presence and did find my voice to pray again. Maybe this is the time for your husband to sit back and let God’s people pray for him while he recuperates. Same as when you were in the hospital. Remember just because we don’t feel His presence doesn’t mean He is not there – we both know He is with us always especially during these times. Hugs!


      5. You are right. I knew that people around the world were praying for me when I was hospitalized. And many, many people are praying for my husband now. I had a missionary friend who called it “standing in the gap” for someone when that someone couldn’t pray and didn’t feel God’s presence. Thank you for your comments. Hugs to you too! And God bless!


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