It’s amazing how the brain can heal after a stroke.

Many of my blog followers may remember my posts last February after my husband suffered what the doctors said was a major stroke in his brain’s left occipital lobe.  The process of healing was very fast in some regards.  He regained some of the strength on his right side very quickly, although the right side still remains weaker.

In other ways the healing has been slower.  Expressive aphasia, which is the inability to formulate speech, is still a problem.  Knowing what one wants to say and being unable to come up with the correct word or being unable to name an object is very frustrating for my husband.  He was given speech therapy in the hospital during which the therapist would sometimes begin a sentence and my husband was supposed to finish it.  Rarely could he finish the sentence.

However, one day on a whim I began a short sentence in German, “Das ist…” and he finished it!  “Das ist nicht gut.”  I was amazed because my husband’s first language is English, and the only German he ever learned was from his grandfather who immigrated to the U.S. from Germany as a boy.  Then I tried the only sentence we know in Polish, having learned it from Polish friends many years ago, and my husband could finish that sentence!  He couldn’t remember English, but he could remember German and Polish! The speech therapists were intrigued to say the least.  Now, almost seven weeks after the stroke, the aphasia is lessening but sometimes is still a frustration.

In still other ways, healing is coming about very slowly indeed and, we are told, may not come about at all. The stroke left my husband with a loss of half of his vision in each eye and also the inability to read or write.  He is determined to read and write again and practices most every day, but progress is slow.  The vision may never return.  Still, we hold out hope.

The stroke seems to have been the harbinger of a host of other problems that we did not know existed.  My husband now faces two and maybe three heart procedures and three to four procedures on his esophagus, each of which carries its own risks.  We pray that each procedure is successful and that healing will continue.


Heal me, LORD, and I will be healed; save me and I will be saved, for you are the one I praise. (Jeremiah 17:14)

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17 thoughts on “Stroke

  1. I found your post due to the one word prompts, and I really pray that each procedure may be successful and this situation may be used for you and your husband’s testimony. Keep on praying, I’ll be rooting for your success all the way!

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  2. While his brain is re-configured, his mind seems to be operational. I remind my own husband, a survivor of multiple strokes, of that fact as he struggles to express the word he can clearly see and hear in his mind. Holding you both in Love and Light. 😉 xoM


  3. Prayers continue, Deb, for additional recovery from the stroke, successful procedures and more healing. I know the losses must be so frustrating for both of you. The speech is intriguing! I’m wondering if books on tape would be helpful.


  4. Prayers to you and your husband. May God touch him and bring healing and restored speech. And may God grant the doctors wisdom in treating your husband and give you both continued strength, comfort and hope.

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