Good times with family

My husband had a heart procedure done three weeks ago, and family members have come from far and wide to visit.  Daughter #1 drove up from Florida to be here for the procedure and left this morning. Son and his wife flew in from 3,000 miles away and stayed a week, leaving yesterday.  Daughter #2, who lives much closer, has been back and forth several times.

Last weekend was the first time all 3 siblings had been together in 11 years and also was the first opportunity grandson Ben has ever had to meet his uncle and aunt.

Ben with Rob and Nat.jpg
Ben with his uncle and aunt who he met for the first time ever last weekend


Bob with all 3 children
My husband and all 3 children together for the first time in 11 years.  We’re so glad everyone could be together.

We’ve had a great time together, even playing baseball on our front lawn.  (Me, too!  Haha! )  But I’ve been unable to find the time to blog or read blog posts, and I’m suffering from FOMO.  Have you ever heard of FOMO?  It’s the Fear of Missing Out.   I may never catch up with reading, but I’ll do my best!


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