Luna on the lamppost

Luna moths can sometimes be seen here during the late summer, and this Luna spent two days on our lamppost before disappearing altogether. Also known as the giant silk moth, it is found only in North America. This one is a male and can be identified as such by its feather-like antennae.

An interesting find. What is it?

Last month when grandson Ben came for a socially-distanced porch visit, he brought an artifact he had found, hoping I could identify it for him. He found it in a creek near his home. It’s very heavy, apparently made of iron, appears to have had handles although one is now missing, is hollowed out on…


“A flower does not use words to announce its arrival to the world; it just blooms.”  Matshona Dhliwayo Linked to Cee’s Flower of the Day.

Blackberry Winter

Every year after the cold of winter, the weather gets warmer, and everyone thinks Spring has arrived. But then it turns cold again, and that’s what we call Blackberry Winter when the blackberry bushes bloom. “Blackberry winter comes without a warningJust when you think that spring’s around to stayAnd you wake up on a cold,…

Dance upon the mountains like a flame, 2020

Flame azaleas grow wild here in the mountains of North Georgia, and I always look forward to seeing them bloom in the spring.  They may very well be my favorite flowers. Unfortunately, on the wild azalea shrub outside my kitchen window there is only one, rather sad bloom this year. However, through the woods on…

From where I sit: March 26, 2020

I haven’t been taking many photos lately. We’ve only had about 4 days without rain since Christmas (that’s only a slight exaggeration). It’s been the wettest and mildest winter here on record. But this afternoon we had some sun, and I walked around a bit…

A Photo a Week Challenge: Red

Grandson Ben and his G-Pa enjoying a rocking-chair-rest at the red Mountain Fresh Creamery near our home. (A photo from the days before my husband became so ill after suffering several strokes.) See more in red or join the Photo a Week Challenge here.