Dance upon the mountains like a flame, 2020

Flame azaleas grow wild here in the mountains of North Georgia, and I always look forward to seeing them bloom in the spring.  They may very well be my favorite flowers. Unfortunately, on the wild azalea shrub outside my kitchen window there is only one, rather sad bloom this year. However, through the woods on…

A Photo a Week Challenge: Red

Grandson Ben and his G-Pa enjoying a rocking-chair-rest at the red Mountain Fresh Creamery near our home. (A photo from the days before my husband became so ill after suffering several strokes.) See more in red or join the Photo a Week Challenge here.

Festival of Leaves, 2019 – Week 11 – Still Holding On

I missed Week 10 due to the Thanksgiving holiday, but even now in Week 11 some of the leaves are still holding on. Last week all of the red leaves had fallen, but I was quite surprised this morning to see that some of the shrubs now have some red again mingled in with their…

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Trees

“Learn character from trees, values from roots, and change from leaves.” (Tasneem Hameed) See more trees or join Cee’s challenge here.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Shadows

Afternoon shadows on the old shed   Sweet Gum Shadow   Solar Eclipse Shadows on the Back Deck   See more shadows or the join the fun here.  

Predicting Weather by the Signs: Wooly Worms, 2018

Here in the Southern mountains, the old-timers (and many young people as well) still predict the weather by “the signs,” that is, the signs found in nature.  One of those signs is the coloration of the wooly worms. Wooly worms, also known as wooly bears, are found across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico and are…


I first became aware of the wildflower known as Hearts-A-Bustin’ when I saw it growing alongside our road.  That was three years ago, and I wrote a blog post about it at that time.  I had never seen it before then and have never seen it since, until this week when I spotted it growing in…

Festival of Leaves 2018: Week #1

Again this autumn, Dawn at The Day After is hosting the weekly Festival of Leaves challenge. She lives in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, and like here in Georgia, the leaves there are only beginning to change colors. While driving down the highway I’ve seen a few red sumac leaves, and the dogwoods are showing a…

Pic and a Word Challenge: Fire

  Forest fires The forest fires were two states away in North Carolina, but the smoke reached our home in Georgia.   A fiery sunrise This amazing sunrise, captured in Rocky Face GA,  makes the sky look as if it were an ocean of fire.