A Photo a Week Challenge: Red

Grandson Ben and his G-Pa enjoying a rocking-chair-rest at the red Mountain Fresh Creamery near our home. (A photo from the days before my husband became so ill after suffering several strokes.) See more in red or join the Photo a Week Challenge here.

A Photo a Week Challenge: Ice

We don’t get much ice here, so this one is from the archives… You can see more icy photos or join this week’s challenge here.

A Photo A Week Challenge: From Below

Beneath the floating staircase at the historic Chief Vann House in Murray County, Georgia The staircase is one of the oldest examples of cantilevered construction in Georgia.  Built during an 1818 renovation of the house,  it is said to be “floating” because the second landing of the staircase sits over the first floor hall with…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Intricate

“But nature is always more subtle, more intricate, more elegant than what we are able to imagine.”  (Carl Sagan)   To see more intricate photos or join this challenge, click here.